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A Heart for Home

For Francois Tchoyi, it was a journey of 8,000 miles. That was the distance the then 16-year-old traveled from his home country of Cameroon to play basketball at Besant Hill, a boarding school in Ojai, California. Tchoyi (’16, history) had never lived away from his parents or flown on an airplane. In his community, education […]

Pedal to the Metal

Calling Emma Kalayjian (’18, computer information systems) relentless may be simplistic, yet true. Her passion for automobiles and modernizing how people interact with them led her to Cal Poly Pomona, then to a promising career at world-renowned NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)...

Playing It Safe

For more than a decade, Assistant Professor Claire Latané (’06, master’s in landscape architecture) has designed for mental wellness and safety in schools and everyday environments.  History has proven that epidemics such as COVID-19 transform the way buildings and natural environments are designed to meet these disruptions. Outdoor classrooms are at the heart of the […]

Inspired to Give

Paul and Jean Lord understand the kind of financial pressures college students can face. As undergraduate students at the University of Colorado and parents of three children, the couple experienced their share of financial challenges. “It was a rough time,” says Paul Lord, emeritus professor of aerospace engineering at Cal Poly Pomona. “We were introduced […]


At her high school in suburban Boston, Iris Levine’s aptitude tests earmarked her for a career as an accountant. Her mother sounded a different note. “If you want to go to school for accounting, you’ll live at home and go to business school in Boston,” Levine recalls her mother saying. “If you want to go […]

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